Add-Ons & Enhancements

While our standard DJ Dance Floor lights are included with every DJ package, we are excited to offer the following Add-Ons to enhance Your Event!

These may be used in conjunction with our DJ or Photo Booth services, or as a “Stand-Alone” for an extra delivery and attendant fee.


A wonderful way to create a lasting memory! Guests pick up the handset on our vintage telephone, listen to the greeting and leave a message — congratulations, best wishes… even “Words of Wisdom!” At the end, we give you a copy of all the messages.


A collection of pictures you submit to us is a great way to treat your guests to a slide show presentation on one or two of our TVs (for large rooms, two TVs are recommended).


A customized image is displayed with our projector onto the floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on the venue. (Design must be submitted 30 days prior). We also offer Generic, non-customized projections for certain events: Sweet 16, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, a grouping of Hearts (for Valentine’s Day or a wedding), Wedding Bands encased in a Heart, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Bursts of CO2 are a great way to cool everyone off! There are two options: 1. Handheld – Operated by the Guest of Honor; the barrel has color changing LED lights in it.; or 2. Cannon – Mounted on an 8’ high stand that the DJ controls and shoots the CO2 down onto those on the dance floor. 


An exciting dry ice special effect that makes for a truly magical First Dance or Father/Daughter Dance. It is silent, odorless, and won’t trigger smoke alarms! The blast lasts up to 4 minutes. (Check with your venue to make sure they allow it.) See our Videos page for an example.


Also known as Cold Spark Towers or Fountains, they use a non-flammable element that creates a fireworks-like effect that is cool to the touch. They may be placed anywhere you like. (Check with your venue to make sure they allow them.) See our videos page for an example of the Cold Sparks and Dancing on the Clouds.


 Create a dramatic effect by filling the room with colored pillars of light. They may be placed behind the Guest(s) of Honor, in corners, or along all four walls for the full-room effect. They may also be placed outside of the the room. The possibilities are endless! There are dozens of color options. They can be static (still), color-changing or strobing for a really sensational effect! With the UV option, you can line the walls with black lights.


This is a great way to heighten the effects of the DJ Lighting throughout your event or to highlight your Grand Entrance. The Standard fog machine just uses fluid, whereas the Low-lying uses fluid and standard ice cubes to keep it low-lying and closer to the floor. This is not the same as the Dancing on the Clouds dry ice machine effect. These machines can be used several times throughout your event. (Check with your venue to see if they allow it.)


Treat your guests to a great dance floor effect… especially with a White-out or Glow Party! Add our UV uplights for a spectacular effect lining the walls with black lights. For an extra fee, we can provide all-white props, too! .) Rent some of our uplights, too, to get a full-room Black Light effect.


Our karaoke library contains hundreds of thousands of selections. This also makes for a great “After-Party!” We provide a monitor mounted on a stand with two microphones for either solo or duet singers. Songbook is available.


Your DJ takes non-professional, random pictures throughout your event. If you’d like to have them displayed during your event, one or two of our TVs must be rented. At the end, you get a copy of the pictures taken! 

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