Add-Ons & Enhancements

While our standard DJ Dance Floor lights are included with every DJ package, we are excited to offer the following Add-Ons to enhance Your Event!

These may be used in conjunction with our DJ or Photo Booth services, or as a “Stand-Alone” for an extra delivery and attendant fee.


A wonderful way to create a lasting memory! Guests pick up the handset on our vintage telephone, listen to the greeting and leave a message — congratulations, best wishes… even “Words of Wisdom!” At the end, we give you a copy of all the messages.


A collection of pictures you submit to us is a great way to treat your guests to a slide show presentation on one or two of our TVs (for large rooms, two TVs are recommended).


A customized image is displayed with our projector onto the floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on the venue. (Design must be submitted 30 days prior). We also offer Generic, non-customized projections for certain events: Sweet 16, Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, a grouping of Hearts (for Valentine’s Day or a wedding), Wedding Bands encased in a Heart, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Bursts of CO2 are a great way to cool everyone off! There are two options: 1. Handheld – Operated by the Guest of Honor; the barrel has color changing LED lights in it.; or 2. Cannon – Mounted on an 8’ high stand that the DJ controls and shoots the CO2 down onto those on the dance floor. 


 Create a dramatic effect by filling the room with colored pillars of light. They may be placed behind the Guest(s) of Honor, in corners, or along all four walls for the full-room effect. They may also be placed outside of the the room. The possibilities are endless! There are dozens of color options. They can be static (still), color-changing or strobing for a really sensational effect! With the UV option, you can line the walls with black lights.


This is a great way to heighten the effects of the DJ Lighting throughout your event or to accent your “Grand Entrance.” (Please check with your venue first – not all allow fog. Our Fog Machine is not a substitute for the “Dancing On The Clouds” effect, which uses a dry ice machine.)


Treat your guests to a great dance floor effect… especially with a White-out or Glow Party! Add our UV uplights for a spectacular effect lining the walls with black lights. For an extra fee, we can provide all-white props, too! .) Rent some of our uplights, too, to get a full-room Black Light effect.


Our completely digital collection contains over 100,000 songs — something for everyone! We provide an LCD Monitor and a designated stand with several microphones for duets and group singers. We give disposable covers for the microphone grills and sanitize the mic itself in between users.


Your DJ takes non-professional, random pictures throughout your event. If you’d like to have them displayed during your event, one or two of our TVs must be rented. At the end, you get a copy of the pictures taken! 

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