Add-Ons & Enhancements

While our standard DJ Dance Floor lights are included with every DJ package, we are excited to offer the following Add-Ons to enhance Your Event!

These may be used in conjunction with our DJ or Photo Booth services, or as a “Stand-Alone” for an extra delivery and attendant fee.


A Slide Show of your pictures is a great way to treat your guests to a “Through The Years” presentation or your “Love Story!” The TVs are mounted on a stand and lighted in your choice of color.


Our staff takes random digital pictures throughout your event and can also display them on TVs you rent during your event (people love seeing themselves instantly!). At the end, you get a copy of the pics! It’s a great way to get an instant recap of your special event. (Note: Not all special moments may be captured. We are not professional photographers and highly recommend that you hire a professional, when needed.)


Imagine your name in lights! Your customized image is created on a stainless steel plate and projected onto the dance floor, wall or ceiling, as rotating or still. The plate is yours to keep! Aside from being popular at Weddings and Sweet 16s, this is also a great way to display your School or Company Logo! Generic Plates match the type of event and are not given as a keepsake.


 Bursts of Co2 shot onto the dance floor lend a great effect and also cool off the dancers! Note: This effect is not the same as fog. It quickly disappears.


 Create a dramatic effect by filling the room with colored pillars of light. They may be placed behind the Guest(s) of Honor, in corners, or along all four walls for the full-room effect. They may also be placed outside of the the room. The possibilities are endless! There are dozens of color options. They can be static (still), color-changing or strobing for a really sensational effect! With the UV option, you can line the walls with black lights.


 This is a great way to heighten the effects of the included DJ Lighting. (Please check with your venue first… not all allow fog machines.)


Treat your guests to a great dance floor effect… especially with a White-out or Glow Party! Add our UV uplights for a spectacular effect lining the walls with black lights. For an extra fee, we can provide all-white props, too!


Our completely digital collection contains over 100,000 songs — something for everyone! We provide an LCD Monitor and a designated stand with several microphones for duets and group singers. We give disposable covers for the microphone grills and sanitize the mic itself in between users.

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